Vigneti Valpolicella

The territory of Valpolicella

The Valpolicella area extends north of Verona, on a foothills area which is part of Veronese Prealps and is surrounded to the west by Lake Garda and protected to the north and to the est by Lessini Mountains.

Valpolicella landscape is a succession of valley and hills mostly covered with vineyards or sometimes cultivated with olives and cherry trees. The geological and climatic characteristics of the territory makes its unique wines original and typical: Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella Classico and Ripasso are worldwide renowned.

Vines are traditionally pergola-trained and the cultivation of the vineyards is entrusted to the experience of winegrowers who merge the traditional techniques with the use of new grapewine growing techniques environmentally sustainable (such as “Integrated Production”) promoted and supported by the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Valpolicella.


MILO WINES - Expert Wines

In 2015 Milo Manara, an internationally renowned cartoonist, had the idea of creating a series of female characters tyding them to the wines of Valpolicella, in a fusion of Art and Territory able to stimulate the palate through immagination and vice versa.

Many years ago, love for art and beautiful things had already inspired some of Manara’s collaborations with the world of wine. Over time, his passion for Art and the fruits of his Territory, the Valpolicella, has grown and found its utmost expression and full maturation in the range of Milo Wines, “Expert Wines”.

The MILO WINES range describes the organoleptic characteristics of the most famous wines of Valpolicella AMARONE, RECIOTO, VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO, VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO and VELOROSSO through the physical appearance and personality of five beautiful female characters respectively AMALIA, DEJANIRA, CLOE, AMARANTA and BEATRIX.



Milo Manara writes:…”1499. To fresco the cathedral of Orvieto the great painter Luca Signorelli asked to receive 12 “soma” of quality wines (around 1000 litres) every year: the contract was signed. That day Signorelli established a very closed, fraternal relationship between art and good wine.

Given that we should always listen to what our elders teach us, I decided to celebrate this time honoured association, supplementing my art with another form of expression: excellent wine.

From the windows of my study I can see the vineyards of Valpolicella and it is here that this ancient bond is consolidated….”


Milo Manara



The artist’s immagination in painting the labels and in describing his female characters makes full sense of the strong link between art, wines and territory as soon as you taste one of these gorgeous and fine wines.

Milo Manara says: “I have agreed to participate in this project because I am always passionate about wine and the selected wines are unquestionably good because the central value is the quality of wine. I helped create labels that anticipate the personality of the wines. My labels have not only an aesthetic and figurative function, they have to give an idea of what you will find in the bottle. It is the substance which has generated the form”.

The story which join together the five female characters is a genunine casting of the senses for a tale to be enjoyed in its entirety. A selection of unique bottles to be collected and  tasted, for real wine lovers.