Ieio Nino

Società Agricola Ieio Nino is a wine company specialized in the production of organic choice wines strictly certified, which is located in the Veneto Region, in the Province of Treviso.


The organic vineyards extend on the gentle hillsides of Collagù at Farra di Soligo, in the hearth of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG appellation, an area especially suitable for the production of Prosecco, with a superbe exposure and position.

The wish to experiment with an organic product derives from the passion for vine-growing inherited by uncle “Ieio” Nino, a man who loved the countryside and was fond of the produce of the land, among the first ones to rediscover ancient vineyards on the hills of Refrontolo.


Among the wines that the company offers to wine-lovers, ones can taste a Prosecco Superiore Biologico Extra Dry INbio, that owes its name to the inspirer of the project, uncle Nino, or as it is usually told in Venetian dialect “Ieio” Nino. This is the origin of the initials IN displayed on the brand label.


As Aristofane (450 a.C. – 388 a.C.) said “While drinking, men improve: they do good business, win lawsuits, are happy and help friends”. To this quotation we can add that drinking good wines, that’s to say organic wines, men also care about the environment and their health.

Sustainable Organic Viticolture

…while respecting the natural cycles…

First of all, Respect.

The passion and care that Ieio Nino uses for the production of its organic wines start from the soil where its vineyards are cultivated without using chemical treatments as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, as well as herbicides.

The choice to produce only through organic viticultural practices is suggested by the awareness that it is fundamental to respect the natural balance of the environment for the control of diseases and pests. Such awareness drives to manage the overall vital interactions of plants, microorganisms and insects with the purpose to obtain the best grapes while respecting the ecosystem.

For these reasons Ieio Nino is able to offer organic high-quality and environmentally-friendly wines, certified by BIOS srl (Accredia).

The Mission of Società Agricola Ieio Nino is the promotion of wine culture as an expression of genuineness, quality at the right price, love of the environment and good wines.

Bio? logico!


The whole organic process, from farming to bottling, is made in order to achieve sustainable products and guarantee their genuineness, suitable for vegetarian consumption.